IFE Services

On-Board Revenues

Maximising ancillary income is more important than ever. Selling more of your products and services to passengers through effective promotions at the pre-board and on-board stages is key. Promotional activities for you to consider and which we can provide in full include:

Third-party advertising:

  • On-screen adverts within your content programming
  • Printed adverts in duty free magazines and entertainment guides
  • Seat-back adverts
  • Flyer inserts within on-board publications
  • Website adverts

Promotion of duty free goods and food and beverages:

  • Cabin crew announcements during the flight
  • Cabin crew sales targets and incentivisations
  • Duty free magazines and food and beverage menus on-board 
  • Flyers at the check-in counter

Headset sales:

Hand-held entertainment systems:

Many airlines are now choosing to rent hand-held entertainment systems to passengers such as the iPad, Samsung Galaxy or Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) because of their significant on-board revenue potential. Rental volumes can be maximised through:

Pre-board promotion -

  • Website bookings
  • Printed or electronic adverts with tickets

On-board promotion -

  • Cabin crew announcements
  • Adverts within in-flight magazines
  • Seat-back adverts

Our Portfolio

You can view a sample of our original in-flight production work here. Contact us to see what we can do for you.