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How airlines are keeping little travellers happy with cutting edge in-flight entertainment

Oct 2014 Keeping your customers coming back is an important part of any business, and running an airline is no different. By catching the attention of potential passengers and providing your existing customers with an experience that goes above and beyond that of your competitors, you can ensure that you build a dedicated following of fliers.  For parents, flying with children can be st...

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In-flight entertainment raises its game as short-haul carriers embrace wireless technology

May 2014 Whilst long-haul flights have long thrilled passengers with early-window Hollywood content, cutting edge gaming, the latest music and detailed information services, short-haul journeys have remained somewhat in their shadow. For the smaller, single-aisle carriers, entertaining customers has never been a huge part of the repertoire, largely due to the uneconomical nature of expensiv...

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Personality counts! Why airlines are putting their stamp on flight safety

April 2014 In recent years a number of leading airlines have been tinkering with the age-old in-flight safety video. Taking the classic safety film from stale to shareable, the likes of Delta, Air New Zealand and now Virgin America have been treating their passengers to unexpected, innovative productions, leaving them keen to watch again. But why? To select an airline, consumers will ...

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Controlling your IFE system with no hands

March 2014 If inflight entertainment giant Thales has its way we could one day be controlling IFE equipment with hand gestures, our eyes or even our minds. Its California-based innovations team now has a working demonstration of how gesture control and eye tracking could replace the hand-held IFE controller we normally expect to find in our seats. In fact, it works so well that the ...

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10 hot movies to look forward to in 2014

March 2014 This year will bring a great crop of new movies to film fans everywhere. From a revamped and recharged “Robocop”, through a newly-transformed “Transformers 4”, to a delightful little tale from Saudi Arabia, there will be something for everyone. Here are ten of the most anticipated movies in 2014: Robocop This is a remake of the 1987 original. I...

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