IFE Services


We provide a varied and bespoke blend of content for each portable device order that is refreshed and updated at agreed intervals.


Offering dull, outdated games to passengers is now a thing of the past. Some of the hugely popular games we can provide on the PSP include:

Mini Games

The PSP can also be pre-loaded with a fantastic range of Sony’s very popular Mini games. Current Minis include:


Each portable can include a great selection of Hollywood blockbusters, classic titles and regional movies that will appeal to all passenger demographics. Some of the movies we currently offer include:


Due to our excellent relationships with hundreds of distributors globally, we can provide a broad and diverse selection of popular TV shows for passengers to enjoy. They include dramas, cartoons, documentaries and sports.


Passengers can enjoy a broad range of audio channels. We can include International Pop Hits, Classical, Chill Out, Easy Listening and Jazz music. We also provide a wide choice of audio books, comedy, business, news and religious content.

Digital Comics

Younger passengers will love the great range of digital comics that can be included. All their favourite comic heroes and characters are available including:

Our Portfolio

You can view a sample of our original in-flight production work here. Contact us to see what we can do for you.