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Keeping your passengers entertained during their flight is paramount when running an airline. More and more travellers are relying on in-flight entertainment so that they can continue to enjoy the very same luxuries as they do on the ground. 

Gone are the days of shared in-flight TVs, where passengers had to settle for watching the same movie or TV show as everyone else on board. Choice is vital and while seat back TVs have been popular for years, portable IFE is gaining momentum as the preferred entertainment vessel.

At IFE, our services span much further than providing the content to keep your passengers happy, we can also offer you the gadgets too. We can supply you with the iPad, iPad Mini and Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) for use as portable in-flight entertainment solution.

Your passengers will be able to enjoy the latest movies, play their favourite games, and make a start on a new TV show, with everything in the palm of their hand.

iPad in-flight entertainment 

The iPad and iPad mini are versatile solutions that allow customers free rein to watch or play anything they like. They won’t be locked into one piece of content and can easily stop and start the content as often as they wish.

Not only will quality in-flight entertainment keep your passengers coming back time and time again, but you can also utilise flexible entertainment options to improve onboard revenues. Food, drinks and duty free goods can go a long way to generating more profits while in-flight, but imagine the power you could have with a supply of iPads and Sony PSPs on board, all of which are available to rent.

Whatever your requirement, we can help you reach your goals. So if you’d like to know more about our in-flight entertainment options, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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